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100% Natural Soy Candles

Our candles are handcrafted with intention. We wish to bring love, joy & peace to everyone who burns them. We are passionate about creating a loving, healthy environment, which is why we only use the highest quality ingredients, including 100% USA grown soy, natural & organic materials, cotton-core wicks, and clean fragrance oils with essential oils. Not only are Ambrosia Flame Candles healthy to inhale, they smell amazing and create a beautiful atmosphere wherever they are burned.


Orange Creamsicle

Nostalgic Summer Soy Candle

Candles Inspired by Nature

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Rosemary Sage Soy Candles Wisconsin

4 oz Candles

Prefer a smaller candle? Want to try out a new candle scent? Our 4 oz soy candle is perfect for testing the waters and setting the mood!

Citronella Soy Candle Store Madison WI

8 oz Candles

Original size and a fan favorite. New Summer Fragrances are now here - Shop our premium scented soy candles now!

Vanilla Birch Soy Candle Store Madison WI

16 oz Candles

Double the size of  our original candle, doubles your enjoyment. Our most popular scents are available in a large, 16 oz candle! 

monthly candle subscription box

Monthly Candle Subscription Box

Subscribe & Save 10%

Each month you will receive a candle scent that reflects the season, based on your scent preference, along with an eco-friendly matchbox with long matches to light your new candle. 

Flame Rewards soy candles Wisconsin


Candle Store Madison WI USA Made
Handcrafted Artisan Soy Candles Wisconsin
Driftwood Forest Soy Candles Wisconsin

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“My absolute favorite candle company! There is love and care in everything from the packaging to the candle itself. Top notch candles! I won’t buy any other candles!”

— Tanya Westra

Candle Store Madison WI

“These candles are by far the best! I've tried at least ten different scents...they are all subtle yet lasting and so inviting! They burn clean and evenly, they look great, and I have gotten tons of compliments from guests when I have one burning! A must try. You will NOT regret it!”

— Gail Snyder

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