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Monthly Candle Subscription Box

Our artisan soy candles can be purchased in a monthly candle subscription box, perfectly curated for each season and customized to match your scent preferences. Each monthly box includes a seasonally appropriate scented soy candle and an eco-friendly match box. Select your favorite scent profile and subscribe now to start enjoying. 

What's Included in My Subscription?

Natural Soy Candle - 1 handcrafted artisan candle in the featured scent of the month.

Eco-Friendly Matches - Matches are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, unlike plastic lighters.


Recyclable Packaging - Packaged with recyclable packing paper, honeycomb packing paper & recycled tissue paper. Candles made from 100% sustainable soy wax, natural resources & poured in reusable jars.


How it Works:

Choose Your Box

Choose from 3 different sizes & set your scent preference – starting at $7 per month + $5 US shipping!

Place Your Order


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