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Meet Mandy

Mandy Prall Soy Candle Artisan

I'm an artist, entrepreneur, wife, stay-at-home mom, and homemaker. I have always loved expressing my creativity and found that candle-making was the perfect way for me to do that. I personally pour each candle by hand. Combining my passion for hand-crafted items and natural and organic products, I create candles that are healthy works of art. 

Natural Wisconsin Old Fashioned Scented Soy Candle

Relaxing Scents of Home

Our candles are created using the best-smelling fragrance oils and contain essential oils, which give them a natural, pleasant aroma. Our candles emit a light fragrance. With scents like Lavender, Vanilla, Hazelnut Coffee, and many others, you are sure to find a candle that smells like home.

Our Start

I truly enjoy creating a warm and inviting home, so candle-making quickly became a passion of mine. I have always loved candles and the way that that they change the atmosphere of a home and fill the air with beautiful fragrances. Unfortunately, I have found that many candles contain harmful chemicals, that emit toxic fumes while burning. While searching for a natural, healthy candle, I struggled to find one that both smelled amazing and was clean-burning, so I decided to begin making my own. After perfecting candles that were non-toxic, looked beautiful, and smelled amazing, I decided to share my success with America. I strive to create artisan candles that I feel proud to burn in my own home as well as yours. I truly hope that you love my candles as much as I do!

Committed To Quality

We use the finest ingredients, including 100% Soy Wax (Derived from US farmed soy beans), lovely fragrance oils containing essential oils, organic flower petals, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, fruit peels, and other natural ingredients that not only enhance the fragrance, but create a beautiful candle. Each candle is hand-poured in small batches in Wisconsin, ensuring that every single candle looks and smells wonderful while burning cleanly for as long as possible.

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