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Premium Handmade Soy Candles

Wax Candles - Tips & Safety 


Watch your wax candles carefully! Don't burn the candle once 1/4¨ of wax or less remains in the jar, because glass can break and shatter if it becomes too hot. Once the wax is almost gone the petals and organic materials can catch fire. Although the fire should stay contained in the glass jar, it is something to be mindful of! Organic materials are flammable. If they catch fire, place the lid back on the jar or extinguish with water. 

Trim The Wick

Using wick trimmers, sharp scissors, or nail clippers, trim your wick to 1/4 inch every time before lighting your candle. Trimming the wick ensures that your candle reaches its maximum burn time and will reduce smoking.

Let It Burn

Each time you light your candle, let it burn for a few hours until a full melt pool of liquid wax has formed across the top, touching all side of the jar. This will not only prevent your candle from tunneling, which is when wax builds up on the sides of the jar, but it will also allow you to the best scent-experience.


Always set your candle on a solid, even surface, away from drafts, flammable items, out of reach of children and pets.


Room size will affect the potency of the candle scents. The larger the room, the fainter the scent, the smaller the room the more pronounced it will be.

Our Candles Are Made Completely By Hand to Ensure the Utmost Standards and Quality

We use the best ingredients:


  • 100% Natural Soy Wax

  • Paper Core Cotton Wicks

  • High-Quality Fragrance Oils Containing Essential Oils

  • Zero Dyes

  • Toxin-Free

  • Organic flower petals, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, and other organic/natural decorative ingredients


Soy wax allows for the longest, cleanest burn possible.

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